Please note: These FAQ:s may not be completely updated due to the rapid change in the pandemic situation, the increasing knowledge about COVID-19 and hence the continuous review of preventive measures recommended in Sweden.


Do I have to present a negative Covid-19 test result in order to enter Sweden?

The main rule is that foreigners who are allowed to enter from abroad must present a valid cartificate of negative COVID-19 test for entry to Sweden. A mximun of 72 hours may have passed between the time of sampling and the border crossing. The test must prove that the traveler does not have an ongoing COVID-19 infection.

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, this can be done with a negative PCR, LAMP, TMA or antigen test done by a certified operator. The certificate must be original in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish or French (translations are not accepted).

When entering Sweden from another EES-country, EU:s official Covid Certificate proving vaccination or recovery from the virus is valid instead of a negative test.

General rules of conduct

Testing for COVID-19 is recommended for anyone with symptoms. The general recommendations are to stay at home if you are sick, continue to keep some distance, cough in the elbow and to wash your hands often.


What measures are the bus companies taking?

As of November 1, the Public Health Agency of Sweden does not impose any specific requirements except for the recommendations to adults and children to stay at home in case of symptoms. Bus and transport companies will therefore adapt to the wishes of customers, so it is up to each individual company/customer to describe requirements and needs so that the bus companies can adapt accordingly.


Is there a mandatory quarentine rezuirement after arriving in Sweden?

No, there is no law/rule requiring travellers to self-isolate after arrival. But be careful who you meet for the next 14 days after your trip. Especially avoid meeting people who are part of a risk group. If you are infected, you risk spreading the infection further, for example at your workplace and within your immediate circle. Therefore, pay very close attention to mild symptoms and keep physical distance from other people.

Is there the possibillity of care in the hotels if someone is sick and tested positive for COVID-19?

Yes there is, each facility has an action plan in place ta handle a situation where a guest needs to stay in their room. Extra rooms/cabins are prepared for this eventuality with catering possibilities from the restaurant.

Is an automatic extension of the stay due to sickness possible?

Yes, it will be possible.

Will the bandwith and wifi capacity in the hotel rooms be sufficient for use as a home office?

Our hotels have different types of solutions regarding this, but according to the information we have recived, it should be possible for those who are ill or for other reasons need to work from their hotel room to have internet access with satifactory bandwith.

Can increased cleaning frequence be arranged with the owners of private villas and apartments?

The local companies responsible for private house rentals, have in collaboration with each other and local support companies developed updated cleaning procedures related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have met someone who has COVID-19?

If you are unvaccinated and know that you have met someone who has COVID-19, it is recommended to get tested even if you do not have symptoms. You are considered ”a close contact” and get more information via the infection traccing ot he person you met. Stay at home waiting for the test result. Even if you are symptom-free, you sholud for seven days: avoid close contact with people outside the hosehold and work from home i f possible.

If you have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19 in the last six mounths: If you are symptom-free, you do not need to get tested. The same applies to those who have had confirmed COVID-19 in the last six mounths, if you get symptoms of COVID-19 or any other respiratory infection – get tested and stay at home waiting for the result.

If you have had confirmed COVID-19 in the last six months, it is recommended to stay at home without getting tested.

It can vary between two and seven days, and in exceptional cases it can take up to 14 days, from the time you become infected until symptoms appear.

If you have met someone who has COVID-19 and rent a private house?

In the agreement taht the homeowners are part of when renting out their housees, they approve to the Covid-policy that says that guests/guest will stay in the house indefinitely if they have tested positive. They will be isolated until they are symptom-free or indicate a negative test. At larger companies, they’ve arranged for isolation accommodation and the guests will be moved there.

Who is exempt from the code of conduct?

If,as a household contact, you do not have any symptoms of covid-19, you may be excluded from obtaining rules of conduct. For example, people who share certain areas of the accommodation – such as student corridors – are generally excluded provided that physical distancing has taken place. In the case of workplaces where staff live together, an individual assessment must be made of the suspects and whether codes of conduct should be given. People who previously had Covid-19 and people who are vaccinated are generally excluded from code of conduct.


What actions or hygiene concepts have the restaurants planned?

They are to follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s and Visita’s guidelines. They state that the operator of a serving place is responsible for taking measures so that visitors can keep a safe distance from each other from an infectious disease point of view so that congestion is avoided.

Who is responsible for ensuring that restaurants and shops take the necessary measures? 

The company owners themselves are responsible for taking adequate actions to stop virus transmission. The municipality’s environmental- and health inspectors are responsible for monitoring restaurants. They have the mandate to shut down the business if restaurants do not follow the necessary regulations.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed in shops & gym at the same time?

Not at the moment.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed to congrate?

Not at the moment.

Could a food truck me set up?

Food trucks are avalible in both Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur.

Is it possible to install sanwich machines in the proving grounds? How about delivery services?

Not sandwich machines, but we have local companies that can make sandiches upon request and also arrange delivery. Some companies also have the possibility to arrange catering for lunch and/or dinner. A tip is to contact the shop/grocery store from wich you want to buy goods directly and discuss possible solutions together with them.


Are there enough COVID-19 tests availible? 

Yes it is, but in Sweden there is no longer a ”shall” requirement for testing for pre-vaccinated people, but if there is the slightest fear taht it may be COVID-19 that causes a person’s symptoms – then the recommendation is that you should get tested!

PCR-tests for symptomatic individuals are offered at teh Health Centers in Arjeplog & ARvidsjaur. A symptom-free person can get a rapid Antigen test via Avonova Hälsa AB, who will be stationed at Silverhatten Hotell, Arjeplog. You may also contact Avonova to get a PCR test taken in Piteå.

Contacts to the Health care center?

Arjeplog Health Center at +46 961-14801 or Arvidsjaur Health Center at +46 960-57502. Note! – if you are sick or have symptoms, always contact the Health Center before visiting.

Evenings and weekends you have to call +46 961-148 02 (Arjeplog) or +46 960- 575 01 (Arvidsjaur). And remember that the emergency number 112 shall be used in emergency situations.

How long does it tahe to get the test result?

PCR at the Health Center takes about 3-4 days. For antigen it takes a couple of minutes. PCR at AVONOVA in Piteå, approximately 24 hours.

How do I get the result from my test?

Standard procedure for the Health Centers is to send the result in a letter. Therefore, it is important to provide all relevant contact information when you are being tested. If the result is positive, you will also be contacted over the phone.

For an antigen test you get your written certificate within ten minutes.

What to do if you have tested positive for COVID-19 but have no or only mild symptoms?

If you are vaccinated or have had COVID-19 in the last six months: You should always stay at home if you have new symptoms of respiratory infection, even if you have a history of COVID-19 or are vaccinated. Signs of a respiratory infection can be, for example, sniffles, sore throat, fever, cough and malaise. You can go back to work and leisure activities when you get well. If you have had a fever, you should have been fever-free for at least 24 hours.

If you are vaccinated: You should stay at home if you have new symptoms that may be signs of a respiratory infection, such as sniffles, sore throat, fever, cough and malaise. You should get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible.

If you have taken a sample that shows that you have COVID-19, but do not have symptoms, the seven days you should stay home counts from the day the test was taken.

Who is responsible for the contact tracing procedure? 

The health centers are responsible for the contact tracing when a person has tested positive.

What happens in severe casses when a person needs to receive intensive care? 

Those in need of intensive care will get it.

Where do you get advanced/intensive care for COVID-19? 

That is given at Piteå or Sunderbyn hospitals.

Who decides who needs advanced health care?

This is determinated by the staff at the health center based on the patient’s general condition, not on the basis of Covid testing.

Is there a reporting chain, if you have severe symptoms? 

If Covid-19 has been detected, yes.

What if I experience mild symptoms that passed quickly, before I had the chance to be tested? 

If you experience symptoms that pass quickly, and can’t be related to a known cause such as physical activity or allergy, you must stay quarantined unti you have been completely symptom-free for two days. This is to ensure that the symptoms really were temporary.

Are there any alternatives to Arjeplog Health Center if I need a faster test result, or if I want to be tested without experiencing any symptoms?

Yes. In Arjeplog, local healthcare provider Avonova Hälsa AB will offer Antigen testing for individuals without active symptoms. The tests are performed by trained professionals and the test result is presenteddirectly. These tests may be used for obtaining travel certificates. Certificates are printed directly on site after testing, provided that the test is negative. In case of positive test, the Helth Centre must be sought for PCR testing and infection tracing.

How do I book a time for Antigen testing?

You have to prebook the test by sending an email to patrik.berglund@avonova.se or susanne.marklund@avonova.se that includes your passport number, date of your test name and social security number – in the following order: year, month, day.

It is desirable, if possible, that each individual company/organisation appoints a contact person to handle the booking of tests for its staff.

Booking price SEK 1 100/person VAT not included.

Where do I get tested?

Avonova Hälsa AB will be in Arjeplog, Thursdays and Sundays from 5 PM, during the period January 13th – April 3rd 2022. If there is a need for tests and/or need for tests before or after this period, please contact Avonova directly for a discussion.

PCR testing without symptoms?

If you need a PCR certificate, you have to do that in Piteå before lunchtime, the samples will be collected no later that 14.00. You will get the test result next day at 13.00. Those who need a PCR certificate must take the test on a Monday if they go back on Wednesday, the test is valid for 72 hours so it is valid until Thursday if the sample is taken on a Monday.

How do I get in contact with Avonova Hälsa AB?

By sending an email to patrik.berglund@avonova.se or Susanne.marklund@avonova.se.

Last edited: November 30, 2021