Utveckla företag


Här kan du se några av de vanligaste frågorna om att utveckla ett befintligt företag, och våra svar. Om du inte hittar svar på din fråga är du välkommen att höra av dig till oss.

Hur når jag fler kunder?

Beroende på vilket typ av verksamhet du har, så finns det olika sätt att gå tillväga för att nå nya marknader. Det kan innebära allt från att utveckla en ny produkt eller tjänst, till att marknadsföra sig på nya sätt. Vi rekommenderar att du tar kontakt med oss för att ta reda på vad just du kan göra för att nå fler.

Jag vill utöka min verksamhet, och behöver finansiering. Kan jag ansöka om pengar någonstans?

Det finns flera olika typer av finansiellt stöd som betalas ut till olika typer av verksamheter. På verksamt.se finns en lista med olika typer av stöd från olika aktörer, som är bra att utgå från. Även hos Region Norrbotten går det att söka stöd. Ta gärna kontakt med oss för att bolla vilket stöd som kan passa just din verksamhet.

Jag vill bli bättre på att marknadsföra mitt företag. Är det nåt ni kan hjälpa till med?

Absolut! Vi rekommenderar att du tar kontakt med oss för att prata om vad just du behöver bli bättre på. Utifrån det kan du sedan antingen få rådgivning direkt från oss, eller så kan vi arrangera en utbildning eller sätta dig i kontakt med någon som har rätt kompetens och erfarenhet för att hjälpa dig.

Jag behöver lära mig nya saker för att kunna utveckla mitt företag. Kan ni hjälpa till med fortbildning?

Vi på Argentis hjälper gärna till med att arrangera kurser eller workshops! Kontakta oss och berätta vad det är du vill lära dig så tar vi det därifrån.

Starta företag


Här kan du se några av de vanligaste frågorna om att starta företag, och våra svar. Om du inte hittar svar på din fråga är du välkommen att höra av dig till oss.

Jag är osäker på om jag vill starta företag eller inte. Kan jag få bolla min idé med er?

Självklart kan du det! Att komma till oss för rådgivning är helt förutsättningslöst.

Jag vet inte hur jag skulle få ihop ekonomin i början. Finns det bidrag man kan söka?

Ja, det finns möjligheten att söka Stöd till start av näringsverksamhet, från Arbetsförmedlingen. Du som har en funktionsnedsättning kan i vissa fall också söka bidrag till uppstartskostnader. Klicka här för att läsa mer hos Arbetsförmedlingen.

Jag behöver skriva en affärsplan. Är det nåt ni kan hjälpa till med?

Vi har en mall för affärsplan som du kan utgå från, och du är välkommen in till oss om du vill ha hjälp med att fylla i den. Klicka här för att komma till mallen.

Vilka regler behöver jag förhålla mig till?

I vår broschyr ”Bra att veta” hittar du information om vilka tillstånd och regelverk du bör förhålla dig till beroende på vilken bransch du vill verka inom.



Please note: These FAQ:s may not be completely updated due to the rapid change in the pandemic situation, the increasing knowledge about COVID-19 and hence the continuous review of preventive measures recommended in Sweden. For latest updates, pease visit krisinformation.se.


Do I have to present a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter Sweden?

From February 9th 2022 it is no longer necessary for travellers entering Sweden directly from another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. This means that everyone, regardless of citizenship may enter the country without any Covid-specific restrictions in place.

When entering Sweden directly from a country outside the EU/EEA there is still a temporary travel ban in place until March 31st 2022. There are a few countries which are exempt from the travel ban and whose residents are allowed to enter Sweden upon showing a valid certificate (EU Covid passport, negative covid test result not older than 72 hours or a proof of full vaccination from a country with an approved vaccine). The countries exempt from the travel ban at the time of writing are: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Cabo Verde, El Salvador, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Panama, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Uruguay and USA. 


Air traffic: 
Nordica fly regular Stockholm/Arlanda-Arvidsjaur Monday-Friday and Sundays. Schedule is available online. Nordica flies the ATR72 (turbo propeller aircraft) until April 29th and then it will be jet again. Nordica is an interliner with SAS, which makes it easier for those who fly on to/from Arlanda. 

Charter services are offered and have mostly accepted separation in slots, as last year. This means a better flow of passengers both outside and through the terminal. Early arrival/delays may occur.

Service in terminal: 

The restaurant on the 1st floor will be open daily during charter season. Restrictions and recommendations will be followed. Face masks are recommended, which can be taken off when seated or during meals.

The bar/café at the gate will be closed all season. 

The Souvenir shop will not be open this season.

The fish/meat shop is open mainly Mondays and Fridays, irregularity may occur.

These are the general routines right now: 

Arriving and departing passengers are separated, with different entrances. Signs and stickers urge to keep distance. Clear delimited aisles for the areas that create queues so that distances can be kept, e.g. at check-in and security check.

At the Airport, recommendation applies but on board it is a requirement with face mask for both staff and passengers. 

Arvidsjaur Airport will follow the authorities’ recommendations, which means that these rules of conduct may be changed at short notice.


What measures are the bus companies taking?

They will help you as a traveler to keep your distance and avoid congestion. You should also not travel if you are sick or have symptoms. Transport companies will adapt to the wishes of customers, so it is up to each individual company/customer to describe requirements and needs so that the bus and taxi companies can adapt accordingly.


Is there a mandatory quarantine requirement after arriving in Sweden?

No, there is no law/rule requiring travellers to self-isolate after arrival. There is also no requirement to get tested after arrival. No special recommandations are given to travellers entering Sweden.

Is there the possibility of care in the hotels if someone is sick and tested positive for COVID-19? 

Yes there is, each facility has an action plan in place to handle a situation where a guest needs to stay in their room. Extra rooms/cabins are prepared for this eventuality with catering possibilities from the restaurant.

Is an automatic extension of the stay due to sickness possible?
Yes, it will be possible.

Will the bandwidth and wifi capacity in the hotel rooms be sufficient for use as a home office?
Our hotels have different types of solutions regarding this, but according to the information we have received, it should be possible for those who are ill or for other reasons need to work from their hotel room to have internet access with satisfactory bandwidth.

Can increased cleaning frequency be arranged with the owners of private villas and apartments? 

The local companies responsible for private house rentals, have in collaboration with each other and local support companies developed updated cleaning procedures related to the COVID-19, procedures that will persist all season.

What if someone in the household has confirmed COVID-19

If someone you live with gets COVID-19, you don’t have to stay at home as long as you are symptom-free. If you start experience symptoms yourself, you should stay at home until symptoms are gone.

The recommendation to stay at home applies to everyone, including those who are vaccinated and regardless of age. The aim is to avoid the spread of COVID-19, but also respiratory infections such as RS virus and influenza. Another aim is to protect those who are most at risk of serious illness.


Some of our local companies will continue with the same routines as they had before 9/2 2022.
The companies can also adapt to the wishes of their customers, so if you have any questions please contact them directly and describe your requests so that they can adapt accordingly.

Could a food truck be set up? 

Food trucks are already available in both Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur.

How about delivery services? 

There are local companies that can make food and sandwiches upon request and also arrange delivery. Some companies also have the possibility to arrange catering. Contact the shop/restaurant/grocery store directly and discuss possible solutions.


Rules of conduct in general
Stay at home and avoid close contact with others if you are ill with symptoms that may be COVID-19.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends adults who have not been vaccinated to take special precautions. This means that these people should avoid crowding and large crowds indoors. Unvaccinated people belonging to a medical risk group are at greater risk of serious illness. The risk of serious illness also increases with age.

How about COVID-19 testing? 

The recommendation to get tested when experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 is removed for everyone except health- and social care staff. The current recommendation is to stay home and avoid close contact with others if you experience symptoms. This also applies if you have taken a negative self-test.

If you need a test for a travel certificate, you can get a rapid Antigen test via Avonova Hälsa or FlyCar and Mobile Health Care Logistics. For a PCR test, please contact Avonova.

Contacts to the Health care center?

Arjeplog Health center at +46 961-14801 or Arvidsjaur Health Center at +46 960-57502.

Evenings and weekends you have to call: +46 961-148 02 Arjeplog, +46 960-575 01 Arvidsjaur

And remember:
-The emergency number 112 shall be used in emergency situations

-Mandatory to wear a face mask when visiting the Health Centers
-If you are sick and want to visit the Health center, always contact them before visiting

How long does it take to get the test result?

Rapid Antigen tests results are provided in a couple of minutes. PCR at Avonova in Piteå, approximately 24 hours.

How do I get the result from my test?

With a rapid Antigen test you get a written certificate within ten minutes (Avonova) and a digital copy.

What to do if you have tested positive?

Those who have a COVID-19 infection confirmed by a rapid test, a PCR or antigen test taken by a health care provider, will get rules of conduct about staying home. How long they should stay home may vary, but at least for five days.

The current recommendation is to stay home and avoid close contact with others if you experience symptoms. This also applies if you have taken a negative self-test.

You should stay at home until you get well, at least five days. The five days you should stay home counts from the day you first experienced symptoms. If you have had a fever, you should have been fever-free and in good general condition for at least 48 hours before going back to work and leisure activities.

If you have taken a sample that shows that you have COVID-19, but you do not have symptoms, the five days you should stay home counts from the day the test was taken.

If I have COVID-19, what do I need to do to protect others from infection?

Tell those you live with that you have COVID-19. Avoid close contact with people other than those living in your household and avoid traveling by public transport if you are infected. If you are in contact with dentists or health and social care staff, you must tell them that you are sick.

What happens in severe cases when a person needs to receive intensive care?
Those in need of intensive care will get it. 

Where do you get advanced/intensive care for COVID-19?
That is given at Piteå or Sunderby hospital.

Who decides who needs advanced health care?

This is determined by the staff at the health centre based on the patient’s general condition, not on the basis of Covid testing.

What if I experience mild symptoms that passed quickly, before I had the chance to be tested?
If you experience symptoms that pass quickly and can’t be related to a known cause such as physical activity or allergy, you must still stay at home and be completely symptom-free for two days before returning to work. This is to ensure that the symptoms really were temporary.

For travel certificates – where can I be tested?

Avonova Hälsa AB, Piteå and FlyCar and Mobile Health care logistics offers antigen testing for travel certificates. The tests are performed by trained professionals and the certificates are printed directly on site after testing, provided that the test is negative.

FlyCar and Mobile Health Care Logistics provides tests in Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog at:

Laponia Hotel, Arvidsjaur: Thursdags & Sundays 17:00-19:00

Arvidsjaur Airport: Mondays, Wednesdays (from 19th of Jan), Fridays 10:30-15:00.

For appointments, please call + 49 151 53937560

Arjeplog, Kraja Summer reception:  days and times upon appointment – please call

+ 49 151 53937795

Antigen tests with digital certificate by QR code: 39 Euros/test

PCR Tests with results in 24hrs with digital certificate by QR code: 89 Euros/test

Avonova Hälsa AB, Piteå

You have to prebook your antigen test by sending an email to patrik.berglund@avonova.se or susanne.marklund@avonova.se that includes: your passport number, date of your test, name and social security number – in the following order: year, month, day.

They will be in Arjeplog Thursdays and Sundays from 5 PM, during the period January 13th to April 3rd 2022. It is desirable, if possible, that each individual company/organisation appoints a contact person to handle the booking of tests for its staff.

Booking price SEK 1 100/person (VAT not included)

If you need a PCR certificate, you have to do that in Piteå before lunchtime, the samples will be collected no later than 14.00. You will get the test result next day at 13.00. Those who need a PCR certificate must take the test on a Monday if they go back home on Wednesday, the test is valid for 72 hours so it is valid until Thursday if the sample is taken on a Monday. For more information, contact Avonova Hälsa AB.

This document is compiled in co-operation between Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur municipalities, the local business organisation Argentis and the Swedish Proving Ground Association. The information is subject to change and will be updated regularly during the season. The latest version is published online on the following sites:




Last edited: February 16, 2022