About Argentis

Argentis’ mission is to support local businesses, and to promote a positive business climate in Arjeplog.

It is important to us to maintain strong connections to local businesses. Our vision is that Arjeplog should be a place where people want to live and do business. We put that into action by arranging workshops and other activities, and through individual coaching.

We aim to promote a yearly increase in the number of businesses and jobs in Arjeplog. One way of doing so is by analyzing the results from Svenskt Näringsliv’s review of the business climate and, in collaboration with Arjeplog municipality, establish ways to constantly and strategically improve it.

We are also operating at a regional level, both as Argentis and as a representative for Arjeplog municipality.

Your plans and ideas are safe with us. We have a duty of confidentiality and sensitive information is never shared with anyone outside